The   Executive   Committee,   and   Members,   of   the   Callide   Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.,   Biloela,   Central   Queensland, welcome you to their official website. This   website   has   been   designed   to   offer   members   of   the   machinery   restoration   and   preservation   movement,   along   with   those interested   in   the   heritage   of   this   great   land,   an   access   point   where   they   may   be   able   to   easily   obtain   information   about   the   Callide Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.,   and   about   the   role   it   actively   plays   in   promoting   the   preservation   and   restoration   of   our nation’s past. The Club hopes that you will find this website to be both informative and interesting.
Old Wheels In Motion
The   18th Annual   Old   Wheels   In   Motion   Rally   will   be   held   on   the   20th   and   21st   July,   2019   at   the CDMPC Grounds, Queensland Heritage Park, Exhibition Avenue, Biloela, Central Queensland. For   more   information   pertaining   to   the   upcoming   rally   please   follow   the   links   on   the   Club Events Page  of this site.  To   obtain   your   rally   registration   pack   please   contact   Rally   Coordinator,   Mrs   Cindy   Cooper, during   business   hours   on   (07)   4992   2400   or   download   your   copy   for   the   Club   Events   Page    of this site.
Images from previous rallies hosted by the Callide Dawson Machinery Preservation Club Inc. Place mouse over small images to view larger images in top section.