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The   Callide   Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.,   invites   you   to   MAKE   HISTORY!!!   and   take   part   in   the   upcoming   Old   Wheels In   Motion   Rally   and   Swap   Meet   2019   being   held   on   the   20th   &   21st   July,   2019   at   the   CDMPC   Grounds,   Queensland   Heritage   Park, 11   Exhibition   Avenue,   Biloela,   Central   Queensland.      This   event   will   undoubtedly   offer   something   for   everyone,   with   a   variety   of activities,   demonstrations   and   displays.      So   come   along   and   visit   us   once   again   .   .   .   see   traditional   favourites   and   what’s   new   on offer!!      We’re   sure   that   you’ll   enjoy   the   friendly   hospitality   of   the   Biloela   community   and   the   opportunity   to   meet      up   with   old   friends and make new acquaintances.
YOU CAN REGISTER NOW BY DOWNLOADING THE RELEVANT REGISTRATION FORM FROM THE LIST BELOW: Exhibitor’s Registration Form Trade/Market & Swap Meet Site Registration Form RV Traveller Registration Form N.B.:  Food vendors need not apply.  Limited food sites have already been allocated to local vendors who attend our rally on an annual basis.