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The   Banana   Shire   abounds   with   opportunities   for   the   intrepid   traveller   to   experience   a   genuine   bush holiday. Steeped   in   agricultural   and   mining   heritage,   this   resource-rich   area   was   named   in   the   19th   century   after a dun-coloured bullock called Banana. The   epicentre   of   the   area   is   Biloela,   a   bustling   township   found   in   the   heart   of   the   Callide   Valley   and   at the   junction   of   Australia’s   Country   Way   and   the   Dawson   Highway.      It   is   the   major   population   base   and service   centre   of   the   booming   district,   and   an   ideal   spot   from   which   to   base   your   Australian   bush adventure. Visit   the   Queensland   Heritage   Park   to   find   out   about   the   area’s   pioneering   heritage   as   you   make   your way   through   the   magnificently   preserved   old   relics   of   the   past   at   the   Pioneer   Village   and   Callide   Dawson Machinery Preservation Club. View   the   “Spirit   of   the   Land”   mural,   100   metres   of   magnificent   artwork   telling   the   history   of   the   Callide Valley through a series of stories.  Then it’s just a short walk to historic Greycliffe Homestead. Gain   an   appreciation   of   the   giant   power   source   needed   to   drive   the   district’s   resources   boom   at   Callide Power   station   on   the   outskirts   of   Biloela.      Hear   the   roar   of   the   mining   machinery   from   the   massive   open cut Callide Mine as you visit the nearby CS Energy Park. Embrace   the   solitude   of   one   of Australia’s   premier   inland   fisheries,   Lake   Callide.      Try   to   snag   a   redclaw or   two   to   go   with   your   catch   of   barramundi,   sleepy   cod   or   yellowbelly   from   the   lake,   which   is   part   of   the Bass to Barra Trail. For   more   information   contact   the   Rural   Hinterland   Visitor   Information   Centre   on   (07)   4992   2400,   or   visit the following websites: