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“Biloela” (an Aboriginal word meaning White Cockatoo) is the largest town in the Banana Shire, which is located 596km north of Brisbane, 120km west of Gladstone, 145km south- west of Rockhampton and 173 metres above sea-level. Biloela’s economy is driven by pastoral and agricultural enterprises and by the local coal mines and power station, although, mercifully, the town could never be described as a mining town. Specifically, local income is generated by annual livestock slaughtering, cotton production, dairy, wheat, sorghum, lucerne and other grains and cereals. Due to its location at the intersection of the Dawson and Burnett Highways, the town is the hub of the Banana Shire and is well supplied with accommodation, shops, retail outlets, catering facilities, etc.
Biloela - Land Of The White Cockatoo
Banana Shire is sparsely populated with 14,448 people dispersed over 15,729 kilometres. The main population centre is the town of Biloela, with Moura, Theodore and Taroom being other significant urban centres in the Banana Shire. Baralaba, Dululu, Goovigen, Jambin, Thangool, Wowan and Cracow comprise the remaining towns in the Shire. Each of the towns of the Shire have their own individual characteristics, which have been developed as a result of their rich past and colourful community individuals. Visit for more information about Biloela and the Banana Shire.
The Banana Shire Biloela & The Banana Shire
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