Rally Site & Facilities
The   Callide   Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.   have   their   own   grounds   ideally   located   at   the rear   of   the   Queensland   Heritage   Park   Complex,   Exhibition   Avenue,   Biloela   (Central   Queensland) which is less than one kilometre away from the central business district. These   grounds   are   suitably   outfitted   for   hosting   high   volume   rallies,   working   demonstrations   and machinery    events,    with    established    catering    facilities,    amenities,    loading    ramps,    access    points, camping areas and fenced compounds. The   Club,   in   organising   any   of   its   events,   make   arrangements   for   the   following   facilities   thereby ensuring the comfort and convenience of Exhibitors and Visitors alike.
The Grounds Need More  Information?
If you require further information pertaining to the upcoming event please click on the following links below.  Event Information Rally Site & Facilities Biloela & The Banana Shire  Travel Information Accommodation Tourist Attractions
The   administration   of   events   is   carried   out   at   the   Secretary’s   Office   which   is   located   at   the   central point   on   the   Club   grounds.      The   office   is   fully   operational   and   is   manned   continuously   throughout   the event.  Exhibitors   and   Visitors   can   obtain   information   pertaining   to   the   rally   and   the   local   area   from   the   Staff at   the   office.      Rally   packs,   name   badges,   and   any   pre-ordered   rally   merchandise   is   also   distributed from this point. **  Local tourist information is also available from the Rural Hinterland Visitor Information Centre      situated in the main building of the Queensland Heritage Park Complex. Click here  to continue reading rally site and facilities information . . .