Rally Site & Facilities Continued
As   stated   above,   the   Club   grounds   are   equipped   with   catering   facilities.      These   facilities   are   situated in the main shed, which can seat approximately 600 people banquet style. The   facilities   within   the   main   shed   are   accompanied   by   a   number   of   separate   food   and   drink   outlets situated at specific points on the grounds. Meals   catered   for   weekend   events   usually   include   breakfast,   morning   tea,   lunch,   afternoon   tea   and dinner. ** Please note that exhibitors can purchase refreshments and light meals from the Post & Rail CafĂ© situated   in   the   main   building   of   the   Queensland   Heritage   Park   Complex   on   the   Thursday   and   Friday prior to the rally.
Catering Need More  Information?
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Camping   areas   are   set   aside   for   Exhibitors.      Sites   are   powered,   but   are   limited   in   number.      So   please book in advance to avoid disappointment. Toilets   and   hot   showers   are   available   on   site   for   use   by   Exhibitors   and   Visitors.      Portaloos   are   also placed   at   strategic   points   on   the   rally   site   for   ease   of   use   and   access.      Disabled   toilet   facilities   are available in the main building of the Queensland Heritage Park Complex. Click here  to continue reading rally site and facilities information . . .
Camping Areas & Personal Conveniences