Funds   raised   through   the   hosting   of   these   functions   and   from   the   Complex   as   a   whole   are   now   allowing   the   Club   to   reinvest   in   the Complex,   with   Club   Members   concentrating   on   the   construction   of   a   new   display   shed   (incorporating   a   workshop   for   future   restoration work) and the installation of a new theatrette and interpretive displays in the main display area of the complex. In   2009   the   Club   celebrated   their   10th Anniversary   Rally,   and   in   2012   the   Club   once   again   held   the   Queensland   Heritage   Rally   and   the National Historical Machinery Association Inc. Tractor Trek, marking additional milestones along their journey. 2013/14   brought   the   Club   further   successes   as   they   continued   to   build   upon   the   foundations   already   laid   in   previous   years,   advancing in their goal to promote the machinery restoration and preservation movement within their local community and beyond. ***** The   Callide   Dawson   Machinery   Preservation   Club   Inc.   has   100   members   which   form   a   team   of   interested,   enthusiastic   and   talented individuals   who   continually   strive   to   formulate   ways   in   which   they   can   actively   further   the   ideals   of   the   machinery   preservation   and restoration movement. The   Club   draws   on   the   many   talents   of   its   members,   and   has   as   a   team,   gained   considerable   experience   in   organising   and   running events   of   varying   sizes.      Such   events   include   the   Club’s Annual   Rally   (”Old   Wheels   In   Motion”),   smaller   exhibits   and   demonstrations   at local   shows,   carnivals   and   festivals,   the   Queensland   Heritage   Rally   (2004,   2012   &   2018),   the   11th   National   Historical   Machinery Association Rally and the 2012 National Historical Machinery Association Tractor Trek.
2007   also   saw   the   Club   take   over   the   reins   of   the   “Silo”   Complex,   including   the   Rural   Hinterland Visitor Information Centre and the Kurrajong Amphitheatre. Renovations   commenced   in   that   year   starting   the   transformation   of   the   “Silo”   into   the   newly   named “Queensland   Heritage   Park”.      Works   continued   throughout   2008   to   rejuvenate   the   front   reception area    (the    Hec    Maynard    Reception    Centre),    which    now    houses    the    Post    &    Rail    Cafe    and    the Billabong    Conference    Room    which    is    used    frequently    by    local    community    organisations    and businesses. 2008   also   saw   the   Club   enter   into   a   new   role   .   .   .   which   saw   Club   Members   working   tirelessly   as caterers,   bar   staff   and   event   organisers,   transforming   the   Club   Shed   into   a   popular   party/function venue.
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