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If   travelling   by   road,   we   suggest   that   you   take   the   time   to   look   at   the   following   websites   which   will offer   some   assistance   when   planning   your   trip   to   Biloela   and   the   Banana   Shire.      They   offer   plenty   of information   pertaining   to   routes,   accommodation,   tourist   sites   along   the   way,   fuel   prices   and   road conditions. - -
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If you require further information pertaining to the upcoming event please click on the following links below.  Event Information Rally Site & Facilities Biloela & The Banana Shire  Travel Information Accommodation Tourist Attractions
There   are   a   number   of   airlines   that   service   the   Central   Queensland   Region,   however,   Fly   Corporate are   the   only   airline   to   fly   directly   to   Biloela/Thangool   (10   minutes   drive   to   Biloela)   from   Brisbane.      For more information please visit
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Queensland   Rail   offers   tilt   train   services   between   Brisbane   and   Gladstone/Rockhampton,      To   find   out more information please visit
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